Connection is a skill

March 25, 2021

If you are able to make peace with your thoughts and train them to follow a growth pattern, you can achieve a stable, safe space for yourself emotionally. This journey in self exploration is important for your growth and others around you. This will help all your relationships in life that you are building and will impact the new ones you are seeking.


Things I need to remember--

Sometimes, staying strong for too long could be dangerous. Feeling vulnerable might not be the problem at all. Maybe the problem is that you’ve felt pressured to stay strong for too long. You’ve been holding in your emotions. You’ve been wearing a brave face. You’ve been acting like everything is perfectly fine and you’ve been going about your days as if everything were normal when an infinite number of things could be going wrong. You can’t play pretend forever. Eventually, you are going to unravel, and you will be forced to face your fears, understand yourself and comfort yourself.

 Sometimes, the strongest thing you can do is admit that you’re struggling. You don’t have to do everything on your own. You don’t have to push other people away in the name of independence. (Hello, avoidant style behaviour?!)

There is nothing wrong with showing your vulnerability, expressing your emotions, and asking for help. You are independent, amazing, kind and will still need to communicate your needs.

You have built many walls and boundaries, and they are healthy, although they are supposed to lock people who matter inside them. When you are protective, you are acting out of a fear of abandonment and hurt. You are keeping people out who should be inside with you right now and sit with your million little emotions comfortably in silence and acceptance. You are capable of protecting yourself with vulnerability, openness and safety if you show a little courage.

 The best thing you can do when you’re feeling low is admit that you don’t have all the answers and could use a little help.

There is real strength in being honest with yourself and taking the steps necessary to better yourself. You have to ask for the help you need and consistently show up for yourself. To be able to show up for the ones you love and be fully present with them.

-       -   -

These might be incoherent but aren’t all my thoughts?! Pick and read as if each one belongs to its own subset because they do. I get these flashes of things that have happened in the past and their meanings. Our brain is so dynamic, and it is constantly at work.

Even when you sleep, brain is introspecting by making notes, creating memories, recording learnings and making these memory palaces we sometimes never discover. It blows my mind sometimes to possess such an extraordinary organ and also makes me wonder whether I will ever use it to its full functionality. Ah! the thought processes……

If you read this, thank you. 



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  1. Emotions, are like a bullet. You can sometimes avoid them altogether but once you are hit, you are hit. Take them out lest they poison you.


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