Why do you continue to make it impossible for others to know you in the way you so desperately wish they would?

You can’t make someone your own without giving them importance, without making them feel special. And I don’t mean flowers and chocolates and long rides and make out sessions with romantic dinners. What I mean by special is that you make them a part of real important things like making decisions about your life and career.

You don’t have to start there though, you begin by including them in your decisions about small things like clothes, perfumes, food that you eat alone when you’re in different cities and by loving how peculiar they are in the things that they like or dislike. You make them a part of your existence, you don’t just send them numerous kisses and compliments.

You make them an important part of who you are and who you want to be and you make them a partner in building your dream, your future.  

You ask them what they think about owning that red car and working whole summer towards getting that one car you both love. It’s about the small things like fixing each other’s wardrobes or simply buying coffee because you’re both tired. Making someone your own is about these small but big things that you do as a team and are always there to cheer for each other no matter what. 

So quit playing petty games which facilitate jealousy and imbibe insecurities because that is not going to make that girl/guy yours. You’ve to really actually care about their little but big things that make them who they are. So that you two can become who you are as a team. 

You have to make it possible for both of you to grow and for both of you to share and be kinder. If the other person demands better decisions and behaviour from you, stick with them. They’re not trying to change you, they’re just doing their bit in helping you become who you always wanted to be, without the drama and without the conflicts you’re creating every now and then so that you can keep running in circles, being the less attractive version of yourself that you’re right now.


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