Caffeinated flowers

Picture credits: Soham Kanade

Would you like to accompany me on foot to the nearby cafe for a cup of filter coffee? And we'll sit there for hours talking about the grammatical mistakes you & I make and how the world uses strange words to describe their feelings. We'll talk about random things under the sky and watch drizzles forming halos around flowers in twilight. You tell me how I make you feel and I'll tell you my wildest fantasies nobody ever dreamt about knowing.
How we'll sit there for another cup of flat white until the dusk has orange sky in wrinkled bliss and talk about our disappointments in life. Sharing the shattered pieces of our soul people judged when we were becoming who we are today, how our past lovers walked over us, walked away from us, how the failures in life had made us tougher and the quotidian had made us bitter.
Yet, we were here amongst the subtle madness of the world, bathed in crimson our eyes danced in the flames claiming the ruby of my lips and the yellow of your shirt.
And we’ll sit some more, play word games until we are tired, walk away with mellow hearts. 
Settle down in the backyard with a vegetable grill and rose/kvass under the pines of north, drink till nightfall and curl up into each other as well fall asleep under the starlit sky. That sky would be shining in celebration, as we would breathe on each other’s skins and close our eyes in the coziness of home, and love.
We would not wake up with a startle, we would be awakened by the dew drops brushing against our cheeks, and our house smelling of morning tea under the faint shadows of the morning light.

Would you like to accompany me?