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Do we keep going back to our first love?

Picture Credits: Aditi Nimkar

Maybe they knew us well 
And we miss them, or we miss the way they stood by us
Maybe we miss ourselves being silly and cheesy
Or maybe we miss that care, that innocent tender love t
Maybe we miss being in love that way 
Maybe we know we’ll never be able to find that again.
Is it because we never gave anyone else that chance to caress our fingers and walk along?
Or because we never cared enough for someone to stay?
Probably we lost hope in that eternal fairytale like love,
Maybe we didn’t know it could’ve never existed in real.
And now we keep that as role model,
Because we don’t know what’s real?
Or we still crave to be two kids in love?
Guess we don’t know that love is not just a feeling,
Maybe no one told us that it was more than just butterflies in our stomach,
Or we never saw that it was an active decision one made,
To love ; to cherish; to be forever with someone 
In sickness and in health.
Maybe we were taught wrong about love.
We didn’t know it was meant to make us happy and feel cherished by someone,
Or be supported in the worst phases of our lives, to overcome it with strength and hope.
Probably we misunderstood love as different forms of sexual attractions,
When it was just a choice you made every morning, to stay with that person.

"It’s probably the person who made you feel like your life has a reason and you’re not just a part of their friends circle but a part of them." ~T

They didn’t just share their bodies with you,
They shared their dreams and ambitions.
They were not afraid to share,
Their darkest ugliest corners in the hope to be just liked.
Because maybe they were there for the long run, 
And they wanted to love you and be loved in return.

Did we miss them out in this lifetime? 

Is that why we always keep going back to our first love? 

- [ @steth_girl on instagram ]