Secret to Joy

Observing, listening, being

More often than not I've observed how easily we ignore others. It doesn't necessarily come out of a particular reason, it just so happens. Sometimes we live with someone or know someone so deeply that we fail to notice their mere presence. Yet, it is the presence that matters.
Not because one misses them when they aren't around, but only because their presence contributes certain value to your life; be it in joy or in melancholy. We've been born after several years of evolutionary process, a thousand suns and moons have come and gone, a millennia ago when I and you were just  imaginary beings in the head of our ancestors they'd thought of us very differently. Little did they know that their progeny would be such an ignorant bunch of amateurs.

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                                              Active involvement in one’s surroundings doesn't make the person less busy or less important. Taking simple steps to acknowledge people around you doesn't really take more than a few minutes.

" Complimenting someone genuinely for what they're even though your idea of ‘good’ might be different from theirs doesn't make you mean.
Learning to love without judgement and expectations doesn't make you a loser.
Crushing on someone who doesn't know about your existence doesn't make you pathetic.
Smiling at a stranger in the subway doesn't make you creepy.
Observing someone before you approach them shouldn't be taken as apprehension."

These are all human characteristics. Fighting against them or bullying someone over them just because you don't like yourself enough when you act that way makes you weaker. The one who tries to defy nature’s way is the one who is most afraid. Take a moment to feel the mood of the world, take your eyes off your mobile screens for once, listen to the music of conversations and chime in the chaos of life.
We've abundant resources to make our lives melodious and captivating but also don't forget to acknowledge those who've always been there; listening to you, singing along with you. ‘Cause somewhere down the line these people will fade away and so will the memories. Time buries even the glorious.
Take not anyone or your life for granted. You haven't got enough time nor means to sift through these years gone by. Support our fellow humans in being the best version of themselves in simulation to your own self.
Beauty lies in sharing, loving, being kind. There's nothing else that would make you beautiful.
Don't ever believe  anyone who says  otherwise.
This alone gives you joy. And this to be honest is no secret.


  1. And at times something happening near by lands you a smile.


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