"My favourite kind of days"

Light drizzle showering us with its love,
The kind of cold which feels heavenly,
The warmth of your bed,
A hot cup of coffee,a good book,
And peaceful thoughts engrossing the mind.

Maybe an evening with tea,
Loud chatter between the family members,
Pitter patter of the raindrops,
The tinkling of tea cups,
Serenity amidst chaos. 

Stranded at the bus stop,
Rain pouring with tremendous rancour,
Thunderstorms and wild winds,
Honking of the buses,
Chatter between groups of students,
At end of a school day or college day,
And Office goers fidgety in their formals,
Holding frail umbrellas with might.

Home alone, standing in the balcony,
Gazing at the falling drops and foggy mountains,
Song playing on repeat,
And a cup of tea lying besides. 

Sitting in the backseat,
Earphones tucked,
Banana pancakes playing,
The wild waves of the sea visible from the window,
Trees swaying to the tunes of winds,
No conversation, only silence.

My favourite kind of days. 



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