I beg to differ

I've very often wondered what is it that drives us so? Then I thought of my career goals, then I thought of my family and then I thought of what my friends would think, and I thought of what my relatives would comment and whatever the society would deduce. But not in one single moment of that time have I thought of myself.

Of what I would want, of what I would love, and feel and keep me happy. And then those penchant idioms come to my mind, that life isn't so easy, that it isn't supposed to be lived in selfishness and self enjoyment. 

But I would like to differ. I do not want to be bogged down by a love which defines me, which pulls me down and cuts short my wings. Because if it is love, it would see me fly and strive for my goals and firstly keep myself happy. And show me what it is to love myself and do I what I feel like. 

I would so much like to differ because I've often pondered what it would be like to live on trees and eat out of nature's glory. Because I think that is what life is, and what it should be rather than thinking what it's supposed to be according to the old satires we've so diligently followed. 

Life is what we make of it, and in all that creating an environment of happiness is the kindest thing we could ever gift ourselves. I want that, in all the things I've sidelined up till now, this is where I will start. 
                    "I beg to differ."



  1. A very well written piece, Tanvi. Forgive me if I am wrong but for me this seems to be a thought from a person who wants to differ but is not able to, one who exactly knows what he/she is capable of but can't think in isolation. Not because of any attachment but because his/her love with the family/friends/partner is just too strong. I don't see this love as the one which tries to clip off his/her wings but as the one which is so deep that forces him/her to sync his/her dreams with the expectations/hopes/desires/needs of the loved ones. Am I right?

    1. You're right on most of the part except for the loved ones P.O.V
      I've penned down the usual compulsions everyone feels. They're referred to as the social compulsions, what one is supposed to do/ what is right/ how to consider someone good and successful; All this according to a societal construct. If you read about the civitas from the yesteryears you'd know how the expectations have changed and how so many of them yet remain.
      But you know the aim of my writings isn't an arrow pointing inwards, until it says so specifically. Every piece is open to interpretation, but not pointed at me. It's written to invoke those questions and that discussion within each and every person who might across it and read it.
      Thank you for reading and leaving a encouraging word.

  2. This is really encouraging, especially when I have been contemplating numerous thoughts about holding myself back from taking the leap, to land far, far away..

    1. And you did. And you're doing great so far. Numerous adversities, yet you embraced them. That calls for a party Soham 😃😜


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