I'm sitting by the lake,
Gazing around the sundown Sunday,
I see all my friends play,
golden Rays comforting the background,
Footprints covering the sandy ground.

The feeling that you are near,
 a synchronized movement of leaves,
Engulfing  the torn bottom of my life,
Ripples on the lake water,
So pristine and sharply carved,
Only remind me of the yesterdays gone by.

The thoughts that once made me smile,
Now tear every shred of my existence,
Hazel light shining on my hair,
Winds blowing through,
Maybe this is how freedom feels,
Except I'm a prisoner yet,
Still of my own freedom.

Words fail me,
Every once in a while,
Beauty fills me with this,
This eerie ache inside,
My heart so so far away ,
from the same beginning.

Every once in a while,
I've this feeling.

That I'll see you,
That maybe I could hold you,
That maybe it wouldn't be so  hard,
 to believe in my broken fairytale,
That maybe, just maybe,
I'll have that love,
You know about.


  1. Well never say never .. God is great and one day for sure there will be no more broken fairy tale .. and it will be happy days once again


    1. Hey, it's been long, hope you're doing well :) thank you for visiting :)

  2. Touched my heart and my hurt, especially the 'hazel light' which reminds me of his 'hazel light eyes".

  3. Hey Toni , nice to see you here, I'm glad you could relate but hope it didn't remind you some past memories :) visit again :) thank you


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